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Why ServerLama is the Choice for RAM: From DDR3 to DDR4 and ECC to Non-ECC

The Role of RAM in Your Server Infrastructure

Are you searching for memory for your server? At ServerLama, we understand how crucial RAM (Random Access Memory) is for the functioning of every server. Whether you opt for a used or new option, the choice of memory modules can make or break your server's performance.

Features of Different Types of RAM

DDR3: The Standard Option

DDR3, often available at speeds like 1066MHz and 1333MHz, is a reliable but slightly older choice. Especially for simple server applications or older models, it can be a cost-effective option.

DDR4: Speed and Efficiency

DDR4 is the newer version of RAM and offers speeds starting from 2133MHz. This variant is more energy-efficient and delivers better performance than DDR3, making it a good choice for heavier server applications.

Memory Types: ECC vs Non-ECC

ECC RAM: For Error-Prone Environments

ECC stands for Error-Correcting Code. This type of RAM can automatically correct minor data errors, which is especially useful for mission-critical applications. ECC RAM is often available at higher speeds such as 2400MHz and 2666MHz. ECC memory is mainly used in servers and workstations where there is a need for the most reliable systems.

Non-ECC RAM: The Economical Choice

Non-ECC memory is usually found in budget servers and consumer PCs. Because NON-ECC memory is not sold as much as regular server memory, it is often slightly more expensive. Keep in mind that this type does not offer error correction. If your PC or server does not support ECC, you will need Non-ECC memory.

Why ServerLama for Your RAM Needs?

ServerLama only sells used and refurbished memory modules. Each module is thoroughly tested to ensure quality and reliability. Additionally, our experts can advise you on which type of RAM suits your server best.

Conclusion: Choose ServerLama for Reliable RAM

Whether it's DDR3 or DDR4, ECC or Non-ECC, at ServerLama, you'll find a wide range of memory options to meet all your needs. Contact us for tailored advice and give your server the upgrade it deserves today!

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