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Welcome to ServerLama!

Hey there! I'm Max, the founder of ServerLama. Let me take you on a journey through our story and mission to shake up the IT world in a green and affordable way.

After a decade at the largest refurbished hardware supplier in the Netherlands, where I was involved in everything from procurement to sales, business processes, and personnel management, it became clear to me that something was missing. A solution for the challenges the IT sector was facing, from economic downturns to global crises.

And that's how ServerLama was born. Over the years, I've experienced the aftermath of economic instability, weathered the shocks of crises and lockdowns, and felt the impact of global events. It became evident that there's a continuous need for affordable, high-quality server hardware. Especially during tough economic times, choosing young, used hardware is a smart move. Furthermore, it's a sustainable choice that aligns with the greener future we envision.

ServerLama emerged from my desire to be independent, green the IT market in the Netherlands, and support businesses during economically challenging times. Our goal is crystal clear: we aim to become Europe's largest and greenest provider of high-quality, affordable IT solutions.

Our focus? The business market. We target companies seeking green and high-quality products without breaking the bank. With an extensive network of purchasing channels spanning the globe, from the EU to the US, China, Japan, and Korea, we can deliver top-notch quality at competitive prices.

How do we do it? We acquire servers and related hardware from end-users, data centers, and retailers. These products then undergo thorough testing, cleaning, and are prepared for sale. Before a product leaves our door, it's tested and inspected again to ensure it meets our stringent standards for both performance and aesthetics.

So, welcome to the world of ServerLama! Together, we're going green, pursuing quality, and shaping a future where technology is sustainable and accessible to everyone. Thank you for joining us on this exciting adventure.

With Lama regards,

Max and the ServerLama Team