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ServerLama: The Specialist in Used and Refurbished Parts for Your Server

Why Choose Refurbished and Used Parts?

Welcome to ServerLama! Are you looking for reliable parts for your server? You've come to the right place. We specialize in offering top-quality used and refurbished parts. Read on to discover more about our extensive collection of components, including CPUs, RAM, RAID controllers, PSUs, Rack rails, Heatsinks, and NDCs.

CPU: The Heart of Your Server

A good CPU is crucial for smooth server operation. With us, you'll find a diverse range of both used and refurbished CPUs that perfectly meet your needs. Everything from Intel and AMD is in stock. From Xeon E5-2600 to Xeon Platinum, as well as everything from AMD Epyc.

RAM: Improve Your System Performance

RAM is another vital component that can make or break your server's performance. Our second-hand and refurbished RAM modules are rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance.

RAID Controller: Reliable Data Storage

Want to keep your data safe and accessible? Our RAID controllers are the solution. We offer various used and refurbished options that fit different storage requirements.

PSU and Rack Rails: Stability and Ease of Installation

For a stable power supply, we offer a variety of PSUs. Also, for rack rails that facilitate installation, you can turn to us.

Heatsinks and NDCs: Optimal Cooling and Network Performance

Last but not least, to keep your server cool, we offer various types of heatsinks. For network connections, we have NDCs that ensure seamless connectivity.

In Summary: Choose for Sustainability and Reliability

At ServerLama, we provide a wide range of components to optimize your server. All our used and refurbished parts are carefully checked and tested to ensure the highest quality. This way, you get the reliability of new parts, but at a fraction of the cost.

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